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Mini Certification From

The Myotonic Goat Registry recognizes that there is a minor portion of the breed as a whole that is naturally smaller than the majority of myotonics. The breeding of these naturally smaller myotonic goats is becoming more commonplace as breeders turn to the pet market for sales. The Myotonic Goat Registry has in the past placed these myotonics in a separate category of their own. We now see the need to define and certify these myotonics at a particular stage in their lives.


  1. All goats must be MGR registered prior to Mini certification and at three years of age or older, no more than 21" at the withers for either sex.
  2. To be certified all goats must have two pictures of a side view, even though the goat was previously registered with the MGR.
  3. The goat must qualify for registration as a purebred (94% or more), display myotonia, and show no distinct signs of crossbreeding.  The MGR reserves the right to make final decisions concerning distinct signs of crossbreeding. Myotonics of less than 94% purebred will not qualify for certification but may still be classified as Mini.
  4. A signature from a witness must verify measurements and method of measurement must be explained on this application.
MGR Registration Number:______________    Date of Birth:______________    Sex:___________

Owner:____________________________  Signature of Owner:____________________________

Height of goat at wethers seeking Mini certification:_______________________________________

Date above measurement was taken:_______________

Explanation of how the measurement for Mini certification was taken:_________________________

Signature of witness of Mini certification measurement:____________________________________

Please mail applicable fee of $6 for Mini Certification, plus the original registration, and this completed for to:

Myotonic Goat Registry
3174 Valley Ford Road
Adger, AL 35006

Phone: 205-425-5954
Cell Phone: 205-451-9442