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MGR Registration Forms & Instructions

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MGR Breeder Application and Herd Suffix Form!

MGR Memos!

MGR Registration Application!

MGR Transfer - Breeding - AI Form!

Online Credit Card Form!

Complete Breeders Package .pdf (Adobe Reader)

The above link will open in a new window and is for new and/or future MGR members.  Designed for simplicity it is a single file which will print out all the individual pages listed at the right.

The files listed below open in a new window and are the complete contents of the MGR Breeders Package, made available individually for the convenience of the membership.

MGR Mission Statement

MGR Responsibilities Statement

MGR Memos

MGR Breeder Application and Herd Suffix Form

MGR Registration Form Instructions.doc

MGR Animal Registration Application

MGR Transfer - Breeding - AI Form

MGR Credit Card Via PayPal Form

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**** MGR Sanctioned Show Booklet with Application Form ****

MGR Sanctioned Show Booklet .pdf

MGR Score Card.pdf

Other Forms, Files, and Downloads

MGR Mini-Myotonic Certification Form

MGR Performance Ratio Package .zip

MGR Sample Pedigree

If you do not have MS Office software available to view Word or Excel files try Open Office It is a very large download but well worth the time it takes as it can do most everything you'll need and more.

Adobe Reader, a free program for viewing .pdf files, can be found here

"Myotonic Goat Review" Advertising Guidelines and Rates

All ads must be goat related. The acceptance and publishing of any ad will be the final decision of the owner and editors of MGR. The ad submitted must be copy ready. Please keep file size to a minimum! Preferred format for electronic submissions is .pdf or Word format. Ads should be submitted one month prior to Newsletter release date. The Newsletter is quarterly so release dates are in January, April, July and October. Release dates may be adjusted as needed and every effort will be made to include any ads that did not get submitted a month in advance. Classified ads must be renewed each issue. If you select a per issue ad, you can specify in which issue you would like the ad to appear. Actual location of ad in the Newsletter is at the Editor’s discretion. Be sure to submit your ad early! *Sizes given are to allow for the border on the newsletter page.

Please send your ad with payment to:
Myotonic Goat Registry
3174 Valley Ford Road
Adger, AL 35006

Questions? Contact Cindy Bene, newsletter editor, at 757-357-6951 or via email at

Active MGR Breeder Rates
Non-MGR Breeder & Business Rates
*Business card ad:
2 1/4" x 3 3/8"
$21 per year (4 issues)
$7 per issue
$48 per year (4 issues)
$16 per issue
*1/4 page ad:
3 1/2" x 4 1/2"
$27 per year (4 issues)
$9 per issue
$60 per year (4 issues)
$20 per issue
*1/2 page ad:
4 1/2" x 7 1/4"
$48 per year (4 issues)
$16 per issue
$90 per year (4 issues)
$30 per issue
*Full page ad:
7 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$90 per year (4 issues)
$30 per issue
$180 per year (4 issues)
$60 per issue
Classified ads:
Classified ads must be renewed each issue.
$0.30 per word
$0.60 per word


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